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JP-2008203337-A: 楽曲データ配信システム、楽曲データ配信サーバ及び楽曲データ配信方法 patent, JP-2008203450-A: 電子機器 patent, JP-2008205867-A: 送信装置およびその送信方法 patent, JP-2008206513-A: 抗酸化物質のスクリーニング方法、及びそれによってスクリーニングされた抗酸化物質 patent, JP-2008206603-A: Game device patent, JP-2008206977-A: 磁気共鳴断層撮影画像と陽電子放出断層撮影画像との重ね表示装置 patent, JP-2008207164-A: Strong negative ion generation water purifier for domestic use patent, JP-2008209594-A: 光線路器具 patent, JP-2008209950-A: 放送制御装置 patent, JP-2008210351-A: Print management system, image forming apparatus, image forming method, image forming program patent, JP-2008211630-A: Imaging apparatus patent, JP-2008211868-A: 人工衛星用電力供給システム patent, JP-2008212445-A: 商品情報表示システム、電子値札、商品情報表示システムの表示制御方法およびプログラム patent, JP-2008214336-A: セルコスポラミド誘導体を含有する医薬 patent, JP-2008217060-A: 情報処理装置及び情報処理方法及び印刷システム patent, JP-2008217245-A: Status monitoring method for periodic moving object, monitoring system, computer program and recording medium patent, JP-2008218344-A: Method of patterning color conversion layer and method of manufacturing organic el display patent, JP-2008218867-A: Semiconductor device manufacturing method patent, JP-2008219157-A: Communication equipment and control method thereof patent, JP-2008219252-A: ネットワーク通信システム、アプリケーション通知方法及びプログラム patent, JP-2008220264-A: Method for producing collagen patent, JP-2008220551-A: 遊技球発射装置及び遊技機 patent, JP-2008224723-A: 手振れ補正装置及びそれを備えた光学機器 patent, JP-2008225603-A: Printing control terminal equipment, control method for printing control terminal equipment, and printing system patent, JP-2008228552-A: Device for compensating quality of ac power supply patent, JP-2008230222-A: インクジェットヘッド、インクジェット記録装置、インクジェットヘッドの検査方法及びプログラム patent, JP-2008230333-A: 車両の運転支援装置 patent, JP-2008231975-A: 外燃機関 patent, JP-2008233006-A: Method and system for acquisition of drawing location, and method/system of drawing patent, JP-2008233092-A: 分極したバッテリーの減極を加速させてバッテリー試験を容易にする方法 patent, JP-2008233140-A: Manufacturing method of electrooptical device, and electrooptical device patent, JP-2008233575-A: Lens barrel, camera, personal digital assistant, and image input device patent, JP-2008233616-A: Periphery exposure device and method of manufacturing panel structure patent, JP-2008235697-A: Wiring circuit board and manufacturing method thereof patent, JP-2008235967-A: Image processing apparatus, image processing method and image processing program patent, JP-2008237528-A: Radio control transmitter for model patent, JP-2008238448-A: Wood composite material patent, JP-2008238687-A: 金型装置と射出成形方法、及び光学素子 patent, JP-2008238885-A: 自動車の後部車体構造 patent, JP-2008239936-A: ゴム組成物及びそれを用いた空気入りタイヤ patent, JP-2008240402-A: 洋風水洗式便器 patent, JP-2008243173-A: Multiple dwelling housing management system patent, JP-2008248198-A: フィルム用アクリル系樹脂組成物の製造方法 patent, JP-2008248696-A: 車両用燃料タンクと尿素水タンクとの組合せタンク構造 patent, JP-2008249363-A: 濁度計 patent, JP-2008251691-A: Shield case patent, JP-2008251834-A: Removing tool of bonding wax in workpiece fixing fixture and removing method of bonding wax using the same patent, JP-2008168248-A: Head maintenance apparatus, discharge inspection apparatus and liquid droplet discharge apparatus equipped with the same, method for manufacturing electro-optical device, electro-optical device and electronic apparatus patent, JP-2008251836-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-2008253102-A: Power supply circuit patent, JP-2008254074-A: Motion editing device, and its program patent, JP-2008254170-A: 研磨パッド patent, JP-2008254191-A: 炭素繊維複合材料製造装置、これを用いた炭素繊維複合材料製造方法および炭素繊維複合材料 patent, JP-2008254811-A: Pallet with auxiliary wheels patent, JP-2008256462-A: Image display method of shape data patent, JP-2008257478-A: Device and method for outputting storage position of verification target character string and computer program patent, JP-2008257529-A: 電子機器 patent, JP-2008258243-A: 有機トランジスタ patent, JP-2008258729-A: 電話装置 patent, JP-2008259049-A: 電磁変換器及びスピーカ装置 patent, JP-2008259291-A: Electrostatic actuator, droplet discharge head, droplet discharge device, electrostatic driving device and manufacturing method of them patent, JP-2008263938-A: 犬用レインコート patent, JP-2008264774-A: 除去アスベストを空中に飛散させることなしに無害化処理する方法 patent, JP-2008265396-A: Method and device for mitigating wave energy patent, JP-2008266595-A: Pigment dispersion and aqueous ink for ink jet recording patent, JP-2008267255-A: Negative pressure control device for brake booster patent, JP-2008268278-A: Color filter, method for manufacturing the same, solid-state image pickup device, and liquid crystal display element patent, JP-2008268763-A: Light reflecting circuit, half-mirror circuit, optical resonance circuit, laser oscillator, and optical function circuit patent, JP-2008269492-A: データ抽出装置 patent, JP-2008270252-A: Semiconductor memory device patent, JP-2008271147-A: Data processor, its control method, and computer program patent, JP-2008271227-A: 撮像装置 patent, JP-2008272207-A: 遊技機 patent, JP-2008273033-A: 樹脂成形品 patent, JP-2008273268-A: Propeller shaft for automobile patent, JP-2008273520-A: Engine start controlling system patent, JP-2008274239-A: Hyper branched polycarbonate and its manufacturing method patent, JP-2008274562-A: Ventilation structure and ventilation method for heat insulating block patent, JP-2008274792-A: 流体噴射ノズル patent, JP-2008275024-A: Working vehicle patent, JP-2008276415-A: Town information provision system and town information provision method using two-dimensional code, and display member used for them patent, JP-2008278106-A: 画像処理装置及び画像処理装置の制御方法 patent, JP-2008279902-A: 車両用熱交換器の取付構造 patent, JP-2008279936-A: 電動パワーステアリング装置、製造用中間体、およびその検査方法 patent, JP-2008280275-A: Manufacturing method of cycloalkanone patent, JP-2008280933-A: 内燃機関制御装置及び内燃機関制御システム patent, JP-2008280990-A: 潮流発電装置 patent, JP-2008282724-A: スイッチ装置 patent, JP-2008283328-A: Image processor, image forming apparatus, and program patent, JP-2008284811-A: ミキシングヘッド patent, JP-2008285781-A: 前後非対称な筒状編地の編成方法 patent, JP-2008289452-A: Seedling transplanter patent, JP-2008289466-A: Mucin-containing simmered dish and method for producing the same patent, JP-2008291830-A: 車両制御装置 patent, JP-2008292051-A: Hot water storage device patent, JP-2008292355-A: 高速炉用中間熱交換器 patent, JP-2008296695-A: 駆動車輪用軸受装置 patent, JP-2008297783-A: Simple unit-type night soil treatment device patent, JP-2008300036-A: Head position control method, head position demodulator, and disk device patent, JP-2008301927-A: Embroidery data editing device and automatic embroidery sewing machine patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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