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JP-H04188278-A: Shape design device patent, JP-H04189746-A: Paper case for film roll patent, JP-H04190600-A: Standing wave type accelerating tube patent, JP-H04190698-A: Stepping motor driver patent, JP-H04190926-A: Device for working inner surface of air shooter patent, JP-H04191820-A: Liquid crystal element patent, JP-H04192382-A: Superconducting transistor patent, JP-H04193010-A: Insulation performance recovery system for extra high tension electric line patent, JP-H04193719-A: Production of oxide superconducting thin film patent, JP-H04194781-A: Reactor fuel assembly patent, JP-H04194855-A: Processing method for silver halid color photosensitive material patent, JP-H0419585-A: Measuring instrument for magnetic resonance phenomenon patent, JP-H04195890-A: Memory system, memory element and refreshing system patent, JP-H04196081-A: Molded product with built-in heater patent, JP-H0419619-A: Light deflector patent, JP-H04196820-A: Serial/parallel converting system patent, JP-H04196963-A: Image reader patent, JP-H04196978-A: Control circuit for high voltage power source patent, JP-H04197220-A: Central cleaner patent, JP-H04197958-A: Sheet stacker patent, JP-H04199227-A: Method and device for editing and expanding source program patent, JP-H04199743-A: Manufacture of semiconductor device patent, JP-H04199805-A: Rectifier type saturable reactor patent, JP-H0419983-A: Circuit for connecting cable connector patent, JP-H04201926-A: Palletizing device patent, JP-H04202230-A: Modification of conductivity of resin molding patent, JP-H04202608-A: Manufacture of noble metal porous body patent, JP-H04202629-A: Production of cold rolled high carbon steel strip excellent in workability patent, JP-H04203057-A: Sheath device for band-plate-shaped tendon patent, JP-H04203373-A: Inscribed gear pump or motor patent, JP-H04205627-A: Personal computer system patent, JP-H04205989-A: Tape recorder device patent, JP-H04205998-A: Device having eprom erasing function patent, JP-H04206102-A: Surface conduction type emission element patent, JP-H04206521-A: Cleaning device patent, JP-H04207532-A: Communication equipment patent, JP-H04208095-A: Linear motor apparatus patent, JP-H04208574-A: Manufacture of nonvolatile semiconductor memory patent, JP-H04208791-A: Communication equipment patent, JP-H04209308-A: Reproducing device patent, JP-H04210487-A: Electrolytic electrode patent, JP-H0421073-A: Wiring route correcting method patent, JP-H04211404-A: Catalyst and prepolymer used for production of polylefin patent, JP-H04212688-A: Multistage sprocket device for bicycle patent, JP-H04212834-A: Production of thermoset composite article patent, JP-H04214331-A: Molded part and gate trace restoration method patent, JP-H04214922-A: Swirl chamber type combustion chamber patent, JP-H04215460-A: Semiconductor device patent, JP-H04215761-A: Artificial cardiopulmonary device patent, JP-H04219431-A: Output controller of vehicle patent, JP-H04219770-A: Developing device of electrophotographic printer patent, JP-H04220351-A: Ink jet recording device patent, JP-H04221389-A: Production of dialkyl zinc patent, JP-H04221689-A: Thermal transfer recording image receiving material with protective layer patent, JP-H04222273-A: Method for resin finish of woven or knit fabric patent, JP-H04222874-A: Antistatic hard coat agent and molded article of synthetic resin using the same agent patent, JP-H04222960-A: Assembled optical disk device patent, JP-H04224071-A: Single cylinder or multicylinder block patent, JP-H0422598-A: Column restricting jig patent, JP-H04226286-A: Elevator car selection device for physically-handicapped person in elevator having immediate allocation of target call patent, JP-H04226710-A: Clamping apparatus for molding glass fiber mat patent, JP-H04226912-A: Bis(alkyl-substituted-4-hydroxyphenylthio)alkane analogues as inhibitor of cataractogenesis patent, JP-H04228073-A: Penicillin g acylase, gene encoding the same and production of the same enzyme patent, JP-H04228169-A: Performance information recording/reproducing device patent, JP-H04228267-A: Welding apparatus patent, JP-H04228464-A: Production of sintered material of calcium carbonate and sintered material of calcium carbonate patent, JP-H04228624-A: Device for guiding fibrous material patent, JP-H04229736-A: Signal phase device patent, JP-H04229874-A: Preparation of positive electrostatic liquid developer using acidified charge control agent patent, JP-H04230128-A: Wide-band inductively coupled dual rf transmission system patent, JP-H04230246-A: Production of aliphatic tertiary amine and surfactant patent, JP-H04230525-A: System for executing rom program correction patent, JP-H04230798-A: Noise predicting device patent, JP-H04230892-A: Spallation filter of fuel assembly patent, JP-H04231297-A: Control device for driving solar cell paddle patent, JP-H04231417-A: Production of lead frame material patent, JP-H04232935-A: Variable focusing camera patent, JP-H04232972-A: Electrophotographic device and method for preventing winding of form to photosensitive body patent, JP-H04233242-A: Manufacture of ic stage patent, JP-H04233967-A: Ternary mixture patent, JP-H04234245-A: Device for evaluating data rate of virtual circuit occupying asynchronous time division multiplex transmission line patent, JP-H04234802-A: Dental investment formulation in powder form with improved fluidity patent, JP-H04235259-A: Heat treatment method for al alloy-made member patent, JP-H04236067-A: Two-stage compression refrigerating cycle device patent, JP-H0423683-A: Film scanner patent, JP-H04237305-A: Method for forming nc data for thick film circuit plotting device patent, JP-H04238156-A: Audio signal recording and reproducing device patent, JP-H04238375-A: Wet type developing device patent, JP-H04238384-A: Electronic music reproducing device with practicing function patent, JP-H04239352-A: Method and device for controlling adaptive segment patent, JP-H04239509-A: Nonlinear polymeric material patent, JP-H04240129-A: Method and apparatus for producing optical fiber patent, JP-H04240315-A: Oven toaster patent, JP-H04240854-A: Photosensitive resin composition and photosensitive element using same patent, JP-H04241085-A: Pass gate system patent, JP-H04241333-A: Optical exclusive or circuit patent, JP-H04241899-A: Electronic steam iron patent, JP-H04242233-A: Temperature control device for projecting type image display device patent, JP-H04242427-A: Program designing system patent, JP-H04243284-A: Transfer device patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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