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JP-H05280019-A: 埋込型標識灯 patent, JP-H05280124-A: Panel building construction patent, JP-H05280513-A: 壁にパネル部材を固定するための仕掛け及びその施工部品 patent, JP-H05280582-A: Liquid-sealed vibration isolating device patent, JP-H05281669-A: Film unit provided with lens and its manufacture patent, JP-H05282582-A: Fire alarm equipment patent, JP-H05282803-A: Digital signal recording/reproducing device and method patent, JP-H05283553-A: Hybrid integrated circuit device patent, JP-H05283574-A: Resin-molded semiconductor device patent, JP-H0528366-A: クレジツト取引処理装置 patent, JP-H05283777-A: Gas laser oscillation device patent, JP-H0528465-A: 磁気デイスク保護膜の製造方法 patent, JP-H05284725-A: Device for braking vehicle patent, JP-H05285117-A: 磁気共鳴装置 patent, JP-H05285353-A: 無機分離膜濾過装置および濾過方法 patent, JP-H05285630-A: Method and device for casting molten metal patent, JP-H05286106-A: Manufacture of cloth-covered metal sheet patent, JP-H0528616-A: Disk device patent, JP-H0528641-A: 可変速デイスク再生装置 patent, JP-H052869-A: Storage element patent, JP-H05287487-A: 外観、耐錆性に優れた容器用アルミめっき鋼板 patent, JP-H05287516-A: 薄膜蒸着装置及びこの装置を使用した薄膜形成方法 patent, JP-H05287659-A: Cushioning material patent, JP-H05287747-A: 鋼製地下連続壁の支保工法及び鋼製地下連続壁の構造 patent, JP-H05288777-A: 電流センサー patent, JP-H05288924-A: カラーフィルタの製造方法 patent, JP-H05289904-A: キャッシュメモリのデバッグツール patent, JP-H05290123-A: Logic simulation device capable of evaluating flip-flop patent, JP-H05292095-A: Method for deciding acceptance or refusal of ethernet (r) packet and ethernet (r) medium access controller patent, JP-H05292171-A: 携帯用自動発信装置 patent, JP-H05292406-A: 電荷転送装置 patent, JP-H05292598-A: 音波トランスデューサ patent, JP-H05294110-A: Pneumatic radial tire patent, JP-H05294257-A: Front body structure of automobile patent, JP-H05294402-A: 回転式物品収容箱 patent, JP-H05294799-A: ニオブ酸リチウム単結晶膜およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H05295150-A: Acrylic foam patent, JP-H0529516-A: Lead frame for semiconductor device with reduced working warp of pad part and manufacture thereof patent, JP-H05295368-A: Process for obtaining improved viscosity and distillate ratio in heavy hydrocarbon patent, JP-H05295454-A: 高炉用焼結鉱の強度推定方法 patent, JP-H05295602-A: Clothing article patent, JP-H05295758-A: Valve manipulating structure of backhoe patent, JP-H05295793-A: Construction method of large span frame patent, JP-H0529581-A: 半導体記憶装置 patent, JP-H05297086-A: Optical magnetic field sensor patent, JP-H05297246-A: 光コネクタ patent, JP-H0529732-A: Flexible printed circuit board patent, JP-H05297457-A: シート搬送装置及びオーバーヘッドプロジェクター patent, JP-H05297508-A: Silver halide photographic sensitive material patent, JP-H05297549-A: Photosensitive material processing device patent, JP-H052986-A: 電子管 patent, JP-H05299063-A: Incandescent lamp patent, JP-H0529959-A: 符号誤り検出装置 patent, JP-H05299829-A: Reflow equipment patent, JP-H05300654-A: Method for controlling ac filter facility patent, JP-H0530080-A: Digital modulation signal demodulation circuit patent, JP-H0530123-A: Ring transmission system patent, JP-H0530141-A: 網管理情報通知方式 patent, JP-H05301643-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H05301696-A: 油圧ウインチの超低速制御回路 patent, JP-H05302017-A: エポキシ樹脂組成物及びその硬化物 patent, JP-H05302160-A: 予熱したアンモニアを用いてナイトライド層を形成する方法 patent, JP-H05302661-A: Speed change alarm device for vehicle patent, JP-H05303144-A: Diazo copying system patent, JP-H05303440-A: Reset control device for digital circuit patent, JP-H05303876-A: ディスク再生装置および記録装置 patent, JP-H05305209-A: バグフィルタ停止中の保管方法 patent, JP-H0530555-A: 周波数分割型光スイツチ patent, JP-H05305700-A: Sheet for flexible container bag patent, JP-H05306266-A: Polymerizable emulsifier, reactive group and polymer of emulsifier and other monomer patent, JP-H05306626-A: Supercharger patent, JP-H05308537-A: ビデオ表示装置 patent, JP-H05308938-A: 抗菌剤及びこれを用いる食品の保存方法並びにきのこの栽培方法 patent, JP-H05310888-A: 改良されたエポキシ樹脂用潜在性硬化剤及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H05310977-A: Readily bondable polyester film patent, JP-H0531230-A: パチンコ機の打撃力の調整方式およびその調整回路 patent, JP-H05312852-A: Electric power source voltage detecting cirucit patent, JP-H05312908-A: Icテスタ patent, JP-H0531332-A: Membrane separation of microorganism patent, JP-H05314342-A: Paper storing device patent, JP-H05314346-A: Posシステム装置 patent, JP-H0531487-A: Water treatment equipnent patent, JP-H05315178-A: 薄型コイルの製造法 patent, JP-H05315286-A: Electrode section of semiconductor device and its formation patent, JP-H05315347-A: バイポーラトランジスタの製造方法 patent, JP-H05315695-A: Semiconductor laser patent, JP-H05316117-A: Address setting system in network patent, JP-H05316329-A: デジタル複写機 patent, JP-H05317081-A: Human-human monoclonal antibody patent, JP-H05318296-A: 研磨装置 patent, JP-H05318604-A: Solid image forming system patent, JP-H05319299-A: 作業機の走行装置の伝動機構 patent, JP-H05319880-A: Heavy concrete patent, JP-H05320218-A: 塩化ビニル系樹脂の製造法 patent, JP-H05321436-A: タイル張設自立構築物 patent, JP-H05322496-A: Missile floating apparatus patent, JP-H05322859-A: Roll surface defect detector patent, JP-H05323832-A: 記録紙再生装置 patent, JP-H0532399-A: 移動台車の駆動源供給装置 patent, JP-H0532448-A: 耐火被覆材料 patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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