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JP-H08182685-A: Vascular suturing apparatus patent, JP-H08183192-A: 熱転写記録装置 patent, JP-H08183646-A: 改良された熱可塑性セメント組成物及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H08183838-A: フェノール誘導体およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H08184067-A: Method for constructing underground structure patent, JP-H08184601-A: 移動速度測定装置 patent, JP-H08184843-A: Repairing method and repairing device for liquid crystal display device patent, JP-H08184962-A: ドライフィルム用組成物及びドライフィルム patent, JP-H08185287-A: Printer system patent, JP-H0818529-A: Synchronization multiplexing communication equipment patent, JP-H08185474-A: 文書画像分割装置 patent, JP-H08186111-A: Forming method for connecting hole patent, JP-H08186236-A: 半導体装置およびその製造方法 patent, JP-H08186937-A: Power supply system patent, JP-H08187248-A: 体内留置具 patent, JP-H08187748-A: Molded product of lamp appliance lens made of synthetic resin and production thereof patent, JP-H08188632-A: Powdery photocurable composition and curing of the same patent, JP-H08189784-A: 分割型冷却塔 patent, JP-H08190431-A: Xy stage patent, JP-H08191852-A: Urine absorbing apparatus patent, JP-H08191983-A: Washing machine patent, JP-H08192023-A: 生物脱臭装置 patent, JP-H08192179-A: 活性汚泥法における汚泥滞留時間設定装置 patent, JP-H08192582-A: 熱転写用印画紙 patent, JP-H08193120-A: Low-solvent resin composition, coating composition containing the same, and method of applying the coating composition patent, JP-H08193500-A: セグメントの止水連結構造 patent, JP-H08194775-A: Manually scanning type scanner patent, JP-H08195549-A: プリント配線基板のはんだ付方法 patent, JP-H08195550-A: リフローはんだ付け装置 patent, JP-H08196695-A: パチンコ機における打球発射装置 patent, JP-H08196762-A: 閂止めミシンの押さえ装置 patent, JP-H08196918-A: Catalyst carrier for purifying exhaust gas and catalyst carrier device for purifying exhaust gas using the catalyst carrier patent, JP-H08197087-A: 廃水処理方法 patent, JP-H08197240-A: Flame detecting device in gas working torch patent, JP-H08197419-A: Work holding device for grinding patent, JP-H08197441-A: 工具吊下げ装置 patent, JP-H08197574-A: インモールドラベリング容器 patent, JP-H08198485-A: ウェブ巻取軸の切換装置および切換方法 patent, JP-H08198684-A: Method for firing ceramic unit patent, JP-H0819908-A: Outer diameter collet chuck patent, JP-H08199319-A: Cooling of aluminum extruded material patent, JP-H0820044-A: 管継手の成型用金型 patent, JP-H08200542-A: Float structure of air valve patent, JP-H08202388-A: Voice recognition device and voice recognition method patent, JP-H08203122-A: 光記録媒体とその再生方法 patent, JP-H08203200-A: Reproducing device patent, JP-H0820322-A: Brake device patent, JP-H08203350-A: Thin type flat coaxial cable patent, JP-H0820367-A: Traveling vehicle body patent, JP-H08203850-A: Wafer holder for semiconductor wafer polishing machine patent, JP-H08204862-A: ファクシミリ装置 patent, JP-H08204950-A: Image management device and method patent, JP-H08205844-A: Composite filter for cigarette patent, JP-H08205926-A: 蝶番装置用蝶番軸と蝶番装置と蝶番装置付き開閉容器と 蝶番装置用蝶番軸の製造方法と蝶番装置の製造方法と蝶 番装置付き開閉容器の製造方法 patent, JP-H08205982-A: Fit sheet patent, JP-H08206435-A: Jet bubbling reactor patent, JP-H08206874-A: Solder material patent, JP-H08207017-A: 木材の変色防止処理法 patent, JP-H08207252-A: 印刷装置 patent, JP-H08207276-A: インクジェットプリントヘッド patent, JP-H0820753-A: アプリケーションシート patent, JP-H08207724-A: Wheel lock detecting device patent, JP-H08208376-A: Method for measuring crucible patent, JP-H08208974-A: Microemulsion produced by mixing fluoropolyoxyalkylene with hydrocarbon and its use in (co)polymerization of fluoromonomer patent, JP-H08209741-A: Ground excavator patent, JP-H0820991-A: Sanitary flushing device patent, JP-H08210059-A: ベネシャンブラインドの昇降操作装置 patent, JP-H08210462-A: トルクコンバータ patent, JP-H08212704-A: 読取り装置及びシステム patent, JP-H08213363-A: 表面処理方法および装置 patent, JP-H08215311-A: Protective cap and closure member for closing conduit, method of separating the closure member from the conduit and use of the cap and member patent, JP-H08215377-A: アレンジボール遊技機 patent, JP-H0821540-A: ロータリバルブ patent, JP-H082156-A: Icカード挿入口の開閉ドアの構造 patent, JP-H08216260-A: 自己貼着性シートの貼着方法 patent, JP-H08217705-A: 1,1,1,3,3−ペンタフルオロプロパンの製造方法 patent, JP-H08217764-A: Selective recovery of crystals of benzylidene derivative patent, JP-H08219482-A: 冷風装置 patent, JP-H08219711-A: 位置検出装置 patent, JP-H08219906-A: Optical fiber type temperature distribution measuring apparatus and method for setting quantity of incident light patent, JP-H08220537-A: Device having liquid crystal display patent, JP-H08220858-A: 電子写真装置の現像装置 patent, JP-H08220909-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H08220956-A: 画像形成装置 patent, JP-H08221006-A: Display device utilizing electrochromism phenomenon and its production patent, JP-H08221853-A: テープ走行用ガイドシャフト patent, JP-H0822361-A: Electrostatic inducation type noncontact switch controller patent, JP-H082236-A: 空調装置 patent, JP-H08223945-A: 圧電トランスの駆動回路 patent, JP-H08224635-A: Device for feeding billet patent, JP-H08225161-A: Sheet feeder and image forming device patent, JP-H08225205-A: Splicer patent, JP-H08226537-A: Assistor for operating transmission patent, JP-H08226730-A: Accumulator built-in four-way valve patent, JP-H08226755-A: 冷蔵庫の棚板案内装置 patent, JP-H08226818-A: Photosensor for inclination detection patent, JP-H0822686-A: Induction of reaction in data cartridge for computer and low rigidity spring for holding parts patent, JP-H0822847-A: Terminal cover patent, JP-H08229626-A: Manufacture of steel reinforcement cage patent, JP-H08229649-A: Continuous casting apparatus and method thereof patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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