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JP-H09112503-A: アクチュエータ patent, JP-H09112732-A: Valve device and accumulator fuel injection device using the valve device patent, JP-H09112743-A: 管取付けホルダー patent, JP-H09112752-A: 流体出入容器の配管構造 patent, JP-H09113207-A: ゴムスリーブとその摩耗検知方法 patent, JP-H09113387-A: Torque measuring apparatus patent, JP-H09113484-A: Method and apparatus for measuring specific gas component in gas to be measured patent, JP-H09113585-A: 非接触電気測定用センサ及びそのセンサの製造方法 patent, JP-H0911367-A: Paper tube manufacture device patent, JP-H09114069-A: Container patent, JP-H09114279-A: Image forming device patent, JP-H09115170-A: Composite objective lens and optical pickup device patent, JP-H0911547-A: 画像記録装置 patent, JP-H09115770-A: 電気部品 patent, JP-H09115883-A: プラズマ処理の終点検出方法及び装置、並びに本検出方法及び装置を用いた半導体製造方法及び装置、並びに本検出方法及び装置を用いて製造された半導体素子 patent, JP-H09116342-A: Phase difference detector and semiconductor patent, JP-H09116791-A: 情報処理機器 patent, JP-H09117067-A: 充電装置及び電気自動車 patent, JP-H09117487-A: 温灸具兼灸頭鍼施灸具 patent, JP-H09117503-A: 腹腔内留置カテーテル感染防止用カフ部材装着治具および装着方法ならびに感染防止用カフ部材 patent, JP-H09119167-A: コンクリート躯体面補修方法とそれに用いるパネルおよび取付具 patent, JP-H09120728-A: Grommet patent, JP-H09120913-A: 超電導磁石 patent, JP-H09121356-A: 動きベクトル検出装置 patent, JP-H09121669-A: Grain tank in harvester-thresher combine patent, JP-H09122656-A: Underwater monitor patent, JP-H0912281-A: Wire rope torsion eliminating method and working jig for it patent, JP-H0912322-A: 高純度透明石英ガラス及びその製造方法 patent, JP-H09123836-A: 車両用収納ボックス patent, JP-H09124570-A: 酵素修飾用グルコキサイド誘導体、該誘導体で修飾された有機溶媒可溶性酵素、および該誘導体を用いる有機溶媒可溶性酵素の製造方法 patent, JP-H09124783-A: ポリエステルの製造法 patent, JP-H09124860-A: Ethylene copolymer composition patent, JP-H09125119-A: Method for changing fixed throat armor for blast furnace patent, JP-H09125128-A: Tuyere for gas blowing patent, JP-H0912525-A: トリイソシアネートの製造方法 patent, JP-H09125414-A: Vibration isolation structure of pile patent, JP-H09125804-A: Sash sheave with positional adjusting mechanism patent, JP-H09126390-A: 保温保冷カバー patent, JP-H09127017-A: X-ray foreign-matter inspection apparatus with metering function and product inspection method using the apparatus patent, JP-H0912741-A: 化粧板用シート状物 patent, JP-H09127968-A: Automatic scoring device for karaoke device patent, JP-H09128004-A: Pid controller patent, JP-H09128234-A: Arithmetic unit and its control method patent, JP-H09128350-A: 機器管理システム patent, JP-H09129000-A: Dram signal margin test method patent, JP-H09129071-A: コンタクトブロック patent, JP-H09129576-A: Dicer sheet pasting method patent, JP-H09130006-A: Apparatus for manufacturing printed wiring board having resistor elements patent, JP-H09130185-A: チップ型圧電振動子の製造方法 patent, JP-H09130640-A: テレビジョン映画用スキャナ patent, JP-H09130872-A: Radio controller with program function patent, JP-H09131335-A: 個体識別方法および個体識別装置 patent, JP-H09131881-A: インクジェット記録ヘッドの製造方法 patent, JP-H09132010-A: 空気入りタイヤ patent, JP-H09132259-A: 計量キャップ patent, JP-H09132981-A: 移動体の揺れ止め装置 patent, JP-H09133300-A: 空気注入式の汚水圧送管路 patent, JP-H09133646-A: アルコール濃度測定装置及びその制御方法 patent, JP-H09133782-A: Method and device for measuring and computing physical quantity of boiling water reactor patent, JP-H09134119-A: 風洞実験用市街地模型作成装置 patent, JP-H09134643-A: Fastening mechanism and neutral start switch using the same patent, JP-H09134679-A: カラー受像管装置 patent, JP-H09135677-A: Pineapple cutter patent, JP-H09136595-A: Air bag device for side impact patent, JP-H09137475-A: Hydraulic device of construction machinery patent, JP-H09137826-A: 高圧液中用磁気軸受 patent, JP-H09139187-A: Power circuit of ion source part patent, JP-H09139742-A: Atm−lanにおけるアドレス管理方式 patent, JP-H09140442-A: 気密性化粧料容器 patent, JP-H09141566-A: ねじ部材締付方法 patent, JP-H09142240-A: 後席用エアバッグ装置 patent, JP-H09142267-A: Clamping fittings for vehicle body repair patent, JP-H09143000-A: Joining method of oxide superconductor patent, JP-H09144435-A: ドアフレームアセンブリ patent, JP-H0914517-A: 配管防水装置 patent, JP-H09145729-A: Driving control device in automatic driving vehicle patent, JP-H09145730-A: 低速度検出装置 patent, JP-H09145943-A: 曲がり光導波路およびその製造法 patent, JP-H09146194-A: Exposure deciding method and exposure controller patent, JP-H09146234-A: ハロゲン化銀カラー写真感光材料 patent, JP-H09146927-A: External character switching system patent, JP-H09147030-A: Financial information processing system patent, JP-H09147435-A: Magneto-optical disk patent, JP-H09147679-A: Power window switch patent, JP-H09148066-A: Organic electroluminescent element patent, JP-H09148205-A: 小型電子部品の外部電極形成方法 patent, JP-H09148228-A: 露光装置 patent, JP-H09148318-A: Oxidation apparatus patent, JP-H09148-A: Smoking device patent, JP-H09149445-A: Portable communication equipment patent, JP-H0914972-A: Reed type vibrational gyro patent, JP-H09150361-A: Polishing method for semiconductor wafer patent, JP-H09150623-A: 自動車用空調装置のステップモータ制御装置 patent, JP-H09151145-A: 7-(2',2',3'-trimethyl-3'-cyclopenten-1'-yl)-1,5-heptadien-4-ol and perfume composition containing the same patent, JP-H0915114-A: Sample feeder patent, JP-H09151500-A: 電解整水装置用カラン patent, JP-H09152374-A: 赤外線検出系および赤外線検出器 patent, JP-H09153172-A: Automatic vending machine patent, JP-H09153186-A: Processor for merchandise sales register data patent, JP-H09153358-A: Organic electrolyte battery patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent, patent,

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