An optical device for roughness measurement

Dispositif optique de mesure de la rugosite


These present inventions represent optical devices for remote measurement of one-dimension roughness. These devices allow the measurement of the roughness automatically with the use of a computer. The first method for the measurement: The interference one-dimension pattern is formed on the rough surface. The direction of a roughness coincides with the direction of the interference pattern. If the bandwidth in the interference pattern is equal to the period of the roughness, then the light reflected from a rough surface has maximum or minimum intensity. By changing bandwidth in interference pattern and synchronously measuring intensity of the light reflected from a rough surface, it is possible to obtain the information about bandwidth in the interference pattern when the signal has a maximum or minimum intensity. The second method for the measurement: The light from a point source goes on a rough surface and is reflected by it. Reflected light has defined distribution depending on the roughness size. To measure the roughness size it is necessary to compare intensities of reflected light in specular direction and any additional direction.




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