Dispositif de ventilation pour secheuse

Soffit mounted dryer vent

  • Inventors: BOS, JIM
  • Assignees: Jim Bos
  • Publication Date: June 30, 2000
  • Publication Number: CA-2258057-A1


A new Soffit Mounted Dryer Vent for offering a non-maintenance exhaust vent system for a clothes dryer vent that terminates in a soffit of a roof overhang. The inventive device includes a flange, a dryer hose adapter ring, an outlet fitting, and a vent flapper. The flange has an air passage, an upper surface, and a lower surface. The air passage allows exhaust air to pass through the flange from the dryer hose adapter ring to the outlet fitting. The dryer hose adapter ring is symmetrically mated to the upper surface of the flange. The dryer hose adapter ring has an outer wall diameter of substantially the same dimensions as the clothes dryer vent hose thereby allowing the clothes dry vent hose to matingly slip over the dryer hose adapter ring. The outlet fitting, having an outlet opening, is adjoiningly mated to the lower surface of the flange. The vent flapper is pivotally attached to the outlet fitting at the outlet opening. In use, the clothes dryer vent hose is slipped over the dryer hose adapter ring. The flange is attached to a soffit of a roof overhang by a fastener, such as a screw or a nail. Exhaust air from the clothes dryer vent hose flows through the dryer hose adapter ring, through the air passage of the flange, and through the outlet fitting. The force of flowing exhaust air causes the vent flapper to pivot outward allowing exhaust air to exit through the outlet opening of the outlet fitting. When no exhaust air is flowing, a flapper stop prevents the vent flapper from pivotally rotating into the outlet fitting beyond a substantially vertical plane.




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