Dispositif implantable peu invasif permettant de surveiller des evenements physiologiques

Minimally invasive implantable device for monitoring physiologic events


A minimally invasive implant, means for insertion, and description of how to most efficiently use it are described in several embodiments. This implant (31) preferably has a segmented looping memory (34) for storing triggered physiologic events. Preferred events for setting autotriggers to record physiologic signals occurring during events include arrhythmias and syncopal events. Preferably the device can function without a microprocessor. An outside device (30A) or other patient activated manual trigger is included. Auto triggers and manually set triggers may be of different sizes. The preferred physiologic events are ECG signals. Electrode (32a, 32b) spacing can be critical. Additional sensors may be provided to the device. Preferred communications with the device is through telemetry such as is used for pacemakers and other implanted devices.




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