Ic module, ic card, sealing resin for ic module, and method for manufacturing ic module

Module a circuit integre, carte a circuit integre, resine d'etancheite pour module a circuit integre, et procede de fabrication d'un module a circuit integre


An IC card (10) comprises a card base (20) and an IC module (11) mounted in a recessed portion (21) of the card base (20). The IC module (11) comprises a board (12), a terminal portion (13) provided on one surface of the board (12), and an IC chip (14) provided on the other surface of the board (12). The terminal portion (13) and the IC chip (14) are connected by a wire (15), and the IC chip (14) and the wire (15) are covered by a resin-sealed portion (16). The resin-sealed portion (16) contains a resin component and a solid component, and the weight ratio of the resin component to the solid component near the outermost surface is 90:10 to 100:0.




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