Equipement de videoconference

Video conference equipment


The invention relates to video conference equipment comprising a document presentation worktop (11), a camera (2) arranged above the document presentation worktop (11), actuators (3) such as electric motors for the camera (2), control means (4) for the actuators (3), for example a computer, audio equipment (5) for saving and producing sound, a telecommunication module (6) for forwarding audio, data, and/or video information, and a display unit (8) for displaying material filmed using the camera (2). According to the invention, the camera is of a kind allowing both vertical and horizontal shooting, a personal display unit (7, 7') and camera (9) are reserved for at least one conference participant, whereby the conference can be arranged in the manner of a normal conference as regards the seating of the participants. In addition, according to the invention the telecommunication module (6) of the video conference equipment allows a data channel or a TCP/IP data channel or a corresponding data channel and the transmission of the MIDI signal of musical instruments as well as of signals controlling the pitch, intensity, duration, and manner of presentation of music synchronized with video images during a video conference connection.




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