Element of load-bearing structures, especially girders for modular shelves

Element de structure porteuse, en particulier des supports pour rayonnage modulaire


The two ends (3) of the girders (1) utilised for the formation of modular shelves are provided with superposed double fasteners (4) wherein the inlet (4a) and outlet (4b) eyelets which circumscribe the passage slits, are perfectly equal and coaxial with each other. The couples of fasteners (4), located near the corners of the ends of the girders, engage in restrained relation and correct vertical alignment with as many superposed indentations (5), obtained along the vertical edges of uprights (6). Indentations (5) and couples of fasteners (4) have the same distance between centres and combine with each other, in stable and aligned restrained coupling, thanks to the equal and coaxial configuration of the sections of the passage slits of said fasteners.




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