Plasticized alpha-olefin/vinylidene aromatic monomer or hindered aliphatic or cycloaliphatic vinylidene monomer interpolymers

Copolymeres plastifies de monomere aromatique alpha-olefine/vinylidene ou de monomere vinylidene inhibe aliphatique ou cycloaliphatique


Properties of interpolymers of .alpha.-olefin/vinylidene aromatic monomer are enhanced with plasticizers selected from phthalate esters, trimellitate esters, benzoates, aliphatic diesters, epoxy compounds, phosphate esters, glutarates, polymeric plasticizers (polyesters of glycols and aliphatic dicarboxylic acids) and oils. These plasticized interpolymers are useful in a wide range of applications including films, sheet, adhesives, sealants and molded parts.




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