Dispositif de reception homodyne de signaux optiques a modulation de phase

Device for the homodyne reception of optically phase-keyed signals


The device for the homodyne reception of optical phase- keyed signals comprises a heterodyne receiver (101, 102), a data discriminator (20), a frequency acquisition circuit (80) and a local oscillator laser (70). In addition, the device has a window discriminator circuit consisting of a window discriminator (30) and a feedback unit (40), whose output is connected with the input of a reversing switch (50). The window comparator (30) has been inserted between the output of the heterodyne receiver (101, 102) and the one input of the feedback unit (40), whose other input is supplied with the output signal (Si) of the discriminator (20). The output of the frequency acquisition circuit (80) is connected with the other connector of the reversing switch (50), whose output signal is supplied to the control input of the local oscillator laser (70). The window discriminator (30) has two or more thresholds. The feedback unit (40) can have a control input for a quadrature channel (Sq). Use of the window discriminator (30) permits the determination of the phase of the optical carrier signal, and therefore the phase regulation of the local oscillator laser (70).




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