Procede pour le traitement des boues d'electrolytes fluoboriques

Process for the treatment of fluoboric electrolyte sludges


The invention relates to a method for the treatment of fluoboric electrolyte sludges resulting from the processes of electro-extraction of metals such as copper and lead comprising a leaching stage with fluoboric acid, in order to recycle said fluoboric acid to be recirculated to said leaching stage devoid of impurities of metals such as Me = Fe, Zn, Ca, Mg, Cd, characterized in that it comprises the stages of: a) treating said fluoboric electrolyte sludges comprising Cu (BF4) 2 or Pb (BF4)2 with H2S in order to precipitate CuS or PbS respectively in accordance with the reactions (1) Cu (BF4) 2 + H2S => CuS + 2 HBF4 (2) Pb (BF4) 2 + H2S => PbS + 2 HBF4 thus obtaining a solution of HBF4 containing the fluoborates of said metals Me, said solution being separated, b) treating said Me fluoborates with H2SO4 in accordance with the reaction (3) 2 Me (BF4) n + n H2SO4 => Me (SO4) a + 2 n HBF4 (where Me = Fe, Zn, Ca, Mg, Cd) it being possible for said sulphates Me(SO4)n to be removed so as to obtain a solution of HBF4 substantially free from impurities of said metals Me.




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