Projectile pour cartouche_______________________________

Projectile for ammunition cartridge


A composite projectile (10) for an ammunition cartridge comprising a core (12) formed for compacted unsintered powder particulates and having opposite ends. The core (12) is encapsulated within a jacket (14) having an open end (22). A cap (16) is contained with the jacket (14) having an open end (22) thereof and is physically captured within the jacket in contiguous relationship to that end of core (21) nearest the open end (22) of the jacket (14). The cap (16) defines a fixed partition extending across the traverse cross section of the jacket that enhances the concentric positioning about the longitudinal centerline (20) of the jacket of any powder particulates dislodged from that end of the core (21) contiguous to the cap (16). The core (12) preferably is formed from a cold-compacted mixture of tungsten and lead powders.




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