A functionalized polyamine comprising the reaction product of (A) a cyano- or guanidino-containing compound selected from the group consisting of cyanamides or salts thereof, dicyanamides or salts thereof, dicyandiamides or salts thereof, guanidines or salts thereof, biguanidines or salts thereof, and combinations thereof, and (B) a polyamine prepared from at least one monomeric amine, wherein the cyano- or guanidino-functional groups are attached to the polyamine or incorporated therein to form the functionalized polyamine, provided that the monomeric amine and the cyano- or guanidino-containing compound are present in the functionalized polyamine in a molar ratio of from 1.1:1 to 100:1, respectively. The functionalized polyamines are especially useful as anti-dye transfer and color protection agents in laundry detergent compositions.




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