Molecules de glucides polyvalents

Polyvalent carbohydrate molecules


Methods for syntheses of polyvalent carbohydrate molecules by glycosylations of partially protected polysaccharides with a single glycosylating agent or a mixture of glycosylating agents (i.e., a combinatorial library) are disclosed. An alternate method utilizes a glycoside, the aglycon of which carries a halogen which can be under strong alkaline conditions linked with a partially protected polysaccharide by an ether linkage. The product of the latter reaction can be subjected to further glycosylation with a single glycosylating agent or a mixture of such agents (=library). The novel resulting polyvalent carbohydrate molecules may be used as antiinfective agents (antibacterial, antiparasital), both for prevention and treatment of diseases, and as agents either for preventing the formation of, or disrupting, biofilms.




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