Discharge clamp, and disconnection preventing metal fitting



【課題】振動疲労による素線の断線を防止でき、保守管理が不要で安価かつ効果的に素線の応力を抑制することが可能な放電クランプおよび断線防止金具を提供する。 【解決手段】放電クランプ1は、碍子部18、その上端に装着されると共に架空電線2の一部の絶縁体2bを剥ぎ取って露出させた導体2a外周の下側に取り着けられる金具13、導体2a外周の上側に取り着けられる電線支持具14、電線支持具14を導体2aへ押圧すると共にボルト15及びナット16により金具13に取り着けられる押し当て板17を備える。更に、露出させた導体2a及びその両側の絶縁体2bの所定長を覆うようにして、電線押え具11,12が取り着けられている。電線押え具11,12の取り着けにより、振動疲労による応力が緩和される。 【選択図】図1
<P>PROBLEM TO BE SOLVED: To provide a discharge clamp and a disconnection preventing metal fitting capable of preventing strands from being disconnected by vibration fatigue, and also capable of inexpensively and efficiently suppressing stress of the strands while requiring no maintenance and no administration. <P>SOLUTION: This discharge clamp 1 includes an insulator part 18, a metal fitting 13 mounted to its upper end and attached to the lower side of the periphery of a conductor 2a exposed by peeling off a part of the insulating material 2b of an overhead wire 2, a wire support 14 attached to the upper side of the periphery of the conductor 2a, and a pressing plate 17 which presses the wire support 14 against the conductor 2a and is attached to the metal fitting 13 by a bolt 15 and a nut 16. In addition, wire holders 11, 12 are attached to the discharge clamp so as to cover the exposed conductor 2a and the prescribed length of the insulating material 2b on its both sides. Since the wire holders 11, 12 are attached, stress due to vibration fatigue is eased. <P>COPYRIGHT: (C)2008,JPO&INPIT




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