• Inventors:
  • Assignees: Canon Kk
  • Publication Date: March 02, 1998
  • Publication Number: NL-192977-B


A printing apparatus comprises an input device for entering a plurality of sets of data, each set including title information and character information associated with the title information. A memory stores a plurality of the sets of data entered by the input device and a printer is responsive to sets of data read from the memory to print any one of those sets of data either fully or partially. A selection device selectively causes the printer to print any one of the sets of data either fully or partially. The printing apparatus may also include a selector for selecting one of a first printing mode and a second printing mode. In the first printing mode, when selected, the printer is caused to print both the title information and the character information which may comprise text information. In the second mode, the text information is printed without the title information.




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